About Local Alex

Remember the last time you were tourist or on a trip to another town just for exploring with family or friends.

You probably didn’t know where to go for sightseeing, local spots, places to eat, shopping, accommodation etc.


Now we have solved your problem!

With Local Alex city and tourist app, you no longer need to waist your time on searching in many different places for local information.


We have gather all the local information in one app, and even in your own language.


With Local Partners taking care of content at your destination

we provide the best easy friendly overview experience.


The Local Alex name is created to stand out from the crowd of city and tourist apps. With a different name, it is much easier to differentiate in the market and brand ourselves worldwide. Local Alex also stands out by being developed based on the needs of the consumer. In this way, it is ensured that most of the content and functions in Local Alex can actually be used and not just useless stuff.