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About Local Alex

We are the world's leading innovative city and tourist app.

We believe that by listening to consumers, you achieve the best user- friendly product that stands out in the market and makes a difference.

The founder Ronni Larsen developed Local Alex according to his own needs. He was on vacation and was frustrated at not being able to get a quick and user-friendly overview without commercials and lack of up to date content.

The app has been developed to have EVERYTHING you need to get a fast and user-friendly overview no matter where you are.

No more time-consuming and cumbersome searches.
Just open the app and you have what you need close to you.


The Local Alex name is created to stand out from the crowd of city and tourist apps. With a different name, it is much easier to differentiate in the market and brand ourselves worldwide.


Local Alex also stands out by being developed based on the needs of the consumer. In this way, it is ensured that most of the content and functions actually is used and not just useless stuff.

About Local Alex
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