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Make your Business visible on Local Alex and let customers find their way

Today, more than 85% seek information from their phone while on the go.


Most people prefer to use service where they have what they need right at hand. That is why we have gathered all in one place to get a quick local overview from home or on the go as a tourist.

When your business are visible in the Local Alex app, people are more likely to find their way to your business.


With a promotion profile, people see what your business have to offer here and now and find all the useful information they need.

The promotion profile is divided into business segments which help to ensure a relevant and user-friendly presentation of your business.


Our local partners help you get started and make sure your profile is set up and ready. You can then update the page yourself, but we are happy to help if you have corrections.

As a customer, all service and support is in your language.

Get Your Business on Local Alex NOW!

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