Guidelines for content

Please read this guide before uploading content to Local Alex.

If your contribution has been rejected, it may be because your contribution does not meet our conditions. The overview shows the typical reasons for rejected content:


No selfies

No visible license plates on cars

No close ups with people too close

No pornographic photos

Photos must not be of poor quality

No photos with hand signs

No name, graphics, animation, manipulation or advertising on photos


Texts must not contain company opening hours, company contact information,
company links (unless it is a map, route display in connection with location)

All texts must be written in the 3rd person.
(It is forbidden to write in I form)

All texts must be coherent and professional

Local Alex may reject / edit / approve content when uploading your content.
You will always be notified when your content is approved or rejected.
Typically this happens within 48 hours.

Local Alex reserves the right to remove photos / texts that do not meet the Local Alex standard or content conditions.


Collect earning badges

Each time you contribute to Local Alex with content, you earn points.

When you reach x number of points, you will be awarded a badges on your profile.


Badges show other users how much you contribute content to the app.

Different badges are given depending on what you contribute.


Level shows how good a user you are. It takes time to level up.

The more you contribute content over time the higher the level.


Earned / awarded points can not be exchanged for money or services.

Earned / awarded points can not be exchanged for money or services.