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About Local Alex

Local Alex was originally created by entrepreneur Ronni Larsen from Denmark in order to make it easier for local businesses to get their message out to customers without having to insert an expensive ad in the local newspaper every time. Over the years, Local Alex has evolved from being just a city app to becoming an app for both local citizens and for visiting tourists.


The Local Alex name is created to stand out from the crowd of city and tourist apps. With a different name, it is much easier to differentiate in the market and brand ourselves worldwide. Local Alex also stands out by being developed based on the needs of the consumer. In this way, it is ensured that most of the content and functions in Local Alex can actually be used and not just useless stuff.


Local Alex is built with local partnerships, each running their own business. This ensures more reliable and up-to-date content.


Our ambition is to become the consumer's leading city and travel app worldwide, while helping local businesses get more customers past their place.


Local Alex can be used for many things. Here are a few of them:

Use the app to find experiences including in nature.

Find accommodation, restaurants, beaches or playgrounds.

Contribute content as a user.

Help other travelers find their way to the great experiences and places. Follow other users' recommendations.

About Local Alex

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