Could you be our next Country Partner?

As a Local Alex Country Partner, you earn money by promoting businesses and is responsible for the spread of Local Alex in your country.


Build a good relationship with your customers and help them become visible to the area's citizens and visiting tourists. 

After covid19, the need has grown a lot to make businesses visible.

With Local Alex, it's all in one place in an easy and user-friendly way.

You get access to a leading software and technology within the travel and tourism industry. All Partners contribute to the same system worldwide.

It ensures common strong branding and use.


For those who want freedom and flexibility 

Plan and decide your workday. There are many benefits to become a Local Alex Country Partner. 

You are responsible for building YOUR Local Alex organization.

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A city- and tourist app that just works

The Local Alex admin system where you can handle and service your customers makes your life with Local Alex easy.

While we take care of the large operations and marketing, you can focus on sales, customer care and expanding your business.

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